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Game Night!

What are YOU doing Wednesday night?

Santa Cruz Game Night
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This community is for the game night held at Denny's, 1515 Ocean street, from 8:00pm until around midnight on Wednesday nights. Newcomers welcome!

Game Night FAQ

Wait, it's not at UCSC?
Okay, so I bent the truth a little with the school listing. Game night has never been held on campus, but almost all of its current and past attendees are affiliated with the school, so I see no harm in making the association.

Do I have to be there on time/stay the whole time?
Heck no. 8:30pm-12:00am is just the duration that we promise that someone and some games will be there. You're welcome to show up and leave whenever is convenient for you. In particular, if you're not planning to eat there, you won't really miss anything by showing up at 9:00 or 9:30.

Am I expected to buy dinner if I go?
No. Most of us will be eating something there, though, so unless you're happy to chat for a while before getting started, you may want to come a bit later. (Alternatively, grab an appetizer--I'm always looking for someone to share nachos with.)

How can I get there?
See the link above for a map and directions to Denny's. It's not far from downtown Santa Cruz and therefore public transit. We also have people who drive in from both directions (Aptos and Fremont), so if you'd like a ride, post!

Who are you people?
Three to seven people, average age about 24, roughly even male/female. Many of us are geeks of some flavor; you don't have to be one to join us, but you might appreciate the humor a little more if you are. We eat, we chat, we pun, we game. We may or may not hit on the waitstaff from time to time.

You play role-playing games?/You play computer games?/You play card games?/What DO you play?
No, no, and sort of. What we play most of the time are modern board games and boxed card games (that is, not collectible). The community interests include some examples. There's also a page with more detail on most of them here. This is not to say that we don't play the occasional game of Scrabble or cribbage, but you shouldn't show up expecting them.

But I've never heard of any of those games!
They're fun, you should come learn. 8)

Can I bring my own games?
Please do! Just be prepared to teach them to a group if need be, or at least to wait while we read the instructions.

Can I bring my kids?
We don't mind in the least, but you might. Some of the games are a little complex for a young child, not to mention having violent and/or bizarre themes. The dinner conversation is also guaranteed to include adult themes (at the very least, bad pick-up lines.) If that's something your child can handle and you don't mind him or her being around, then go for it.

I'm not sure if I want to go.
That's fine. Feel free to join the community anyway, ask any questions you may have, or just lurk. (It's not terribly busy, since we do see each other every week, but you'll hear any important notices that way.) If you're still not sure, you could look at relsqui and testing4l's journals to get a better idea of who you're dealing with ... or for the really creepy option, show up and eavesdrop without saying hi. It's not like we're going to know, right?